Statement from Rep. Morrison on the Indictment of Former Speaker Madigan

In response to the news of the indictment of former House Speaker Mike Madigan on federal racketeering charges, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) has released the following statement:

“Democrats knew full well the power plays Mike Madigan used to stay in office for decades, and yet they didn’t act until federal authorities stepped in. 

Today, Madigan is being held accountable. Madigan may be gone as America’s most powerful House Speaker, but the culture of corruption that he created and that enabled him to stay in office for so long remains. 

The House parliamentary rules he established to secure his iron grip on power are the same rules we operate under today. Illinois has been shortchanged on responsible, bipartisan government for decades as a result. And the damage done to our state will take decades to repair, if ever.

Illinois residents must stand up and say ‘enough is enough.’  We need real ethics and other major policy reforms, and we need leadership term limits so that no one individual can ever amass so much power over our state’s laws and policies again.”