Morrison: Court Ruling on School Masks Affirms Pritzker Does Not Have Authority

State Representative Tom Morison (R-Palatine) is applauding the decision made late last night by the Illinois Fourth District Appellate Court. In response to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules’ decision this week, the appellate court rejected Governor Pritzker’s school mask mandate appeal because, “none of the rules found by the circuit court to be null and void are currently in effect.”

 Local officials can now make their own decisions for the best interests of their communities, without fear of having their school accreditation revoked by the administration—a threat that was utilized by the Pritzker administration at the beginning of the school year to ensure that schools followed his mandate.

“Pritzker has tried to strong-arm his way throughout this entire pandemic,” Rep. Morrison said.

 “We’re finally seeing it fall apart. It’s because he’s repeatedly and stubbornly gone around the legislature and due process. Courts and Democratic legislators were willing to give Pritzker a free pass on his one-man rule when we were in the midst of a crisis, but we’re not in one anymore.”

“We have vaccines and information to make better choices. COVID is something we must learn to live with, not continue to treat as an emergency,” Morrison continued.

Over 500 of Illinois’ 852 school districts have gone mask optional since a circuit court issued a temporary restraining order of the Governor’s mask mandate on February 4th.