Below is a statement from State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) after the passage of a comprehensive energy bill in the Illinois House through Floor Amendment 4 to Senate Bill 2408: 

“Yesterday SB2408 passed in the Illinois House but not without significant opposition. I stood opposed for a handful of reasons.

This legislation will pose lasting damage to Illinois residents, businesses, our overall economy, and—ironically—even the environment, too, in forcing us to reach these unrealistically lofty policy goals.  All ratepayers, but especially commercial and industrial ones, will pay significantly more for power for many years to come.  

We’re also pushing critical baseload and peak energy producers to prematurely shutter their plants, leaving us with a grid that is more susceptible to brownouts and blackouts, such as the ones we’ve seen in other parts of the country recently.  The proponents claim environmental gains here locally while ignoring the realities of the global manufacturing and energy production that occurs with significantly less environmental scrutiny.

With the 900-plus page final bill presented with mere hours for review—did the public truly get enough input on how this will directly affect them?”