Morrison: Controversial Sex Ed Bill Signed into Law

PALATINE—Today Governor JB Pritzker signed into law a controversial K-12 sexual education bill that will be implemented starting at the 2022 school year. In response to today’s signing of SB818, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) released the following statement:

“The Governor ignored the real concerns of public-school superintendents, educators, and most importantly parents who do not want such lurid material presented to children. These so-called ‘national sexual education standards’ were developed by advocacy groups and are widely rejected by educators and parents for not being age appropriate. The standards are so out of the mainstream that only two other states have adopted them thus far—Colorado and Washington state.

The House floor debate and vote demonstrated bipartisan opposition to the bill due to the controversial material attached to the standards, as well as the erosion of local control for the school districts that already teach comprehensive sex ed. SB818 passed the House with the exact minimum of votes required.

Local school communities and parents should review the existing printed and electronic materials that these advocacy groups have produced or endorsed to see for themselves why this material is so appalling, especially at these grade levels. I urge them to use the law’s opt-out provisions to help protect the eyes and minds of children from this kind of innocence-stealing, over-sexualized content. I will continue to listen to school boards, educators and parents on this issue and advocate for them at the state level.”