Morrison: Legislative Session Recap

State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) released the following statement after legislative session adjourned in the Illinois House: 

“The last few days of legislative session have been troubling, especially in what the Democratic majorities saw as policy priorities, and in what they did not. 

Lawmakers decriminalized hard drug possession, passed controversial and explicit K-12 comprehensive sex education, and mandated that feminine hygiene products be placed in almost every school bathroom across the state, explicitly requiring schools to stock them in boys’ facilities, too.  Our biggest challenges were left unaddressed or even made worse with specific bills: property taxes, unfunded pension liabilities, overregulation and public safety. 

Despite the public’s overwhelming desire to abolish politician drawn districts, the Democratic majority ignored and blocked those efforts to reform the process. They used faulty population data, incumbent home addresses, and election results to draw the districts to be used for the next ten years. I join good government groups across the state in calling on Governor Pritzker to keep his campaign promises to veto these maps.  

At 3:00AM on the final day of legislative session, the state budget was passed along partisan lines. It authorizes $42.3 billion in spending, including giving lawmakers a pay raise and doubling district office budgets—and authorizes around a billion dollars in pet projects for Democratic-run districts. I voted no.

While we have adjourned from session in the Illinois House, our work isn’t done. I look ahead to  conversations throughout the 54th District this summer, to detail more of what transpired this session with constituents and community groups—and to garner their feedback for when lawmakers do return to the capitol.”