Morrison Comments on ‘Bare Minimum’ Ethics Reform Bill

State Representative Tom Morrison released the following statement following the passage of a piece of ethics legislation today—SB539—on the final day of legislative session in the Illinois House.

“This bill barely scratches the surface of what our legislature needs to accomplish for adequate ethics reform. I voted in favor of this bill, because at the very least—it does something instead of nothing. I am hopeful that we can continue moving in this direction and I take today’s passage of SB539 as a very small step forward on that pathway.

Democrats heard the cries of Illinois residents, who have seen one too many federal indictments fall on our statehouse, and they did the bare minimum to quiet that noise. We must continue to root out corruption in our government and that means doing much more in terms of ethics. The bill that was presented today doesn’t close enough loopholes and won’t fix many of the problems we’ve seen, but rather, shows just how much more we must do for the people of Illinois to restore their trust in their government.”

SB539 passed tonight with 113 voting in favor.