Morrison Supports Term Limits for Legislative Leaders

State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) backed an integral piece of ethics reform legislation, which passed nearly unanimously today in the Illinois House. The bill, House Bill 642, would place term limits on legislative leaders so that no person may serve more than 10 consecutive years as Speaker of the House of Representatives, President of the Senate, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and Minority Leader of the Senate.

Representative Morrison has been a strong proponent for ethics reform, and proudly co-sponsored HB642, which takes a historic step to institute statutory term limits on leadership positions of the Illinois General Assembly.

“I have pushed for comprehensive ethics reform to pass in the Illinois House and today’s bipartisan bill is a clear step forward toward achieving that,” said Rep. Morrison, who was one of the first lawmakers to ask for embattled Speaker Mike Madigan to resign. “We have seen corruption affect our state and our statehouse for far too long, and this bill will make a significant break from that past.”

In addition to today’s ethics reform legislation, Rep. Morrison is supporting several other bills for ethics reform, which are an essential aspect of the House Republicans’ Reimagine Illinois plan, to eliminate the culture of corruption in the state. Morrison and his colleagues have filed more than 80 pieces of legislation to back up that legislative priority, more of which can be seen here.