Criminal Justice Reform Becomes Illinois Law

PALATINE— After Governor JB Pritzker signed HB3653 into law today, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) released the following statement on the criminal justice reform measure:

“This was a 764-page omnibus bill that Democrats pushed in the final hour of the lame duck 101st General Assembly. Just minutes into the debate, Democratic leaders abruptly cut off questioning, pre-emptively excluding input from several legislative members with relevant state and local law enforcement experience.  The House needed to hear their perspectives, the sponsor’s answers, and legislative intent.

Such a sweeping bill, especially rushed and with such little scrutiny deserved a ‘no’ vote, especially since public safety is a top concern for 54th District residents and the Chicago region as a whole. Instead, it should have been broken into smaller bills, providing discussion and votes based on the merits of each individual issue.

At today’s press conference, the bill’s sponsors and supporters maintained a willingness to address oversights and unintended consequences in future ‘clean-up’ legislation. I hope they are sincere, and I welcome the opportunity to work on that.  State government has a solemn duty to ensure both the public safety and civil rights of its residents and the support of its law enforcement professionals.”