Morrison Calls for Peaceful Transition, Condemns Violent Acts

The hallmarks of our great nation are liberty, rule of law, separations of power, respect for the Constitution, orderly and peaceful transitions by officeholders —even after very contentious elections— and recognition of the dignity of our fellow American citizens.

I categorically condemn the violence and disorder which occurred at the US Capitol last week, which led to serious injury, unnecessary and tragic loss of life, and increased division within our republic. 

I categorically condemn any potential plans to commit further violent or disorderly acts at the US Capitol or in any of our state capitols. We must respect and protect peaceful demonstrations but always condemn those that turn recklessly lawless or violent against individuals, sacred institutions, or property. To those who have, in varying degrees, participated in or encouraged such indefensible behavior, there must be a genuine acknowledgment of its harms and sincere refutation of such conduct.

As was stated recently on the US Senate floor, our representative republic is sustained by the citizens’ willingness to abide by election results and support peaceful transition of power. To maintain our republic and our freedom, we must have elected officials who will fulfill their sacred oaths, lead with integrity and statesmanship, and sacrificially guide our nation and its people through these turbulent times.  If any are unwilling to do so, they should not continue to serve in their respective roles.

May God mercifully intervene to help us heal deep divisions and to preserve and protect our country and its people.