Morrison Opposes Anti-Law Enforcement Initiative

SPRINGFIELD—State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) released the following statement following his ‘no’ vote on HB3653, a bill with sweeping law enforcement policy changes.

“I am completely disheartened by the process behind which Illinois Democratic lawmakers pushed through sweeping changes to state and local law enforcement policy during the final hours and minutes of this lame duck session.  The Illinois Senate passed this 763 page bill just before dawn, and this morning, just minutes before a new General Assembly is to be sworn in, my colleagues and I were refused the right to pose important questions to the bill and engage in meaningful debate. This is a grave disservice to the people of Illinois.

The many, many constituents who called or emailed my office to voice their questions and concerns about this bill were unjustly ignored when the Republican Caucus was limited in discussion, debate, and a timely vote on the matter.

Good policy requires collaboration, and this bill completely missed the mark. I voted ‘no’ and believe that not only will this bill have hurtful unintended consequences to citizens and law enforcers alike, but that as a whole, we cannot stand for the process that the majority party deemed acceptable today.”