Rep. Morrison Responds to New Restrictions in Region 10

Yesterday Governor Pritzker announced new COVID-19 mitigation measures for Region 10. In response, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine), released the following:

“Since the Governor issued his first disaster proclamation 7 months ago, the people of Illinois have had virtually zero say and no recourse for action as he has violated the constitutional principle of the separation of powers. Disaster proclamations were never intended to provide unending power upon the Governor, which is why I filed HB5776. There must be a vetting of the Governor’s continued actions via the people’s representatives in the Illinois House and Senate.

COVID-19 is a virus that continues to affect the Illinois population. However, as more is known about its transmission, symptoms, risks to vulnerable populations, and treatment, it is more important than ever that Governor Pritzker bring the legislature into the decision-making process. Instead the Governor continues to rule by executive fiat in a manner that unfairly impacts small businesses, individual residents and families who are just barely hanging on.

The Governor’s re-applied restrictions will absolutely cripple our local restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry. This will lead to new waves of unemployed Illinoisans, business closures, and decreased revenues for local and state government. A business and commercial property that shuts down will require a shift in the tax burden to residents, who already carry one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

We can and should wash our hands, socially distance, wear masks when appropriate, and be responsible when patronizing local businesses. We can and must get a handle on this without instituting draconian measures that will result in second order effects that cause more harm to Illinois than the virus itself.

Our billionaire Governor is insulated from the full consequences of his decisions as they overall negatively impact Illinois residents and businesses. He must reverse course now.”