Morrison Returns District Office Funds

PALATINE—State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) has returned the remaining balance of his district office allotment to the state comptroller for the 10th straight year, a combined savings of over $110,000. Each Illinois State Representative was given an allotment of $89,026 for FY20 to hire staff, pay rent and utilities, and cover other expenses within the district.

Since entering the Illinois House, Morrison and his staff have been careful to cut costs and limit purchases to the basics of running the office and serving constituents.  As a former small business owner and advocate for fiscal change, he recognizes that the state’s chronic financial problems stem from individual and collective actions, both big and small.

“Taxpayers are right to demand that elected officials and other decision makers be more careful stewards of the public’s money,” said Rep. Morrison.  “The State of Illinois and local governments carry massive amounts of debt while at the same time taxes here are among the highest in the country. The only way to change that is by spending discipline and policy reform,” Morrison said.  “If every state and local agency worked to do the same, we’d make real and lasting change instead of constantly tapping taxpayers for more.”

Morrison was the first State Representative to refuse his own state legislative pension benefits while also pushing for other pension reforms. Returning over $14,000 this year out of his annual district allotment is another extension of his commitment to provide relief to state taxpayers.