Illinois Families Granted Greater Childcare Access in Phase 3

SPRINGFIELD—With pressure from the House Republican Caucus and childcare advocates, today Governor Pritzker announced that more childcare centers will be allowed to reopen in Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan. 

As the State gradually loosens restrictions and more Illinoisans return to work, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) counted today’s decision from the Pritzker Administration as a win for Illinois families and childcare providers.  Morrison finds that had childcare centers been excluded from Phase 3, it would have led to large shortages in daycare access and availability as parents gradually return to work.

“Working families need to have the necessary support so that when they are able, they can return to work and not worry about child care,” said Rep. Morrison.  “This was a necessary concession from the Governor, and I am pleased that he was able to course correct on this for the wellbeing of Illinois families.”

According to the Illinois Directors and Owners of Childcare Centers, the administration’s current restrictions are putting childcare centers out of business at the same time they’re placing a heavy burden on families—including essential emergency workers. 

Previously, Governor Pritzker was insistent that the state’s few open childcare facilities for emergency workers would suffice.  With today’s announcement, now more childcare centers would be allowed to open in the coming days.