Morrison: Remove Graduated Tax Proposal from November Ballot

SPRINGFIELD—State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) is a new chief-co sponsor of legislation, House Joint Resolution 123, which would remove the graduated income tax question from the November 3rd General Election ballot.

Rep. Morrison issued the following statement concerning the newly filed legislation:

“Illinois has been working through a pandemic that has caused individuals, families, businesses and entire communities to suffer severe consequences.  Our state and local economies have taken a serious hit, and the full effects of this pandemic still have not been realized.  We aren’t even out of the woods yet. 

The amendment would permit the legislature to apply varying state income tax rates to varying income levels.  The state of Illinois faces at least a $6 billion shortfall for FY2021.  The uncertainty this creates for our district residents and millions of other Illinois residents and businesses makes the crisis we’re in even worse.

The budget situation we’re in is already bad—worse than the state could’ve predicted just a few months ago. With billions of dollars in revenue shortfalls, the time is now to pass historic spending and policy reforms that would begin to heal Illinois’ perpetually unhealthy, unrealistic, and unsustainable fiscal policies and practices. Our state government and local governments should adopt the tools of so many states around the country that have embraced reforms to spend smarter—not just tax and borrow more. The Illinois General Assembly should do its best to remove even more unneeded uncertainty in the state and pass HJR123 now.”  

HJR0123 was filed earlier this week by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and is backed by the House Republican caucus.