Morrison’s Bill to Require GA’s Approval on Emergency Declarations

PALATINE—State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) has filed legislation to require approval from the General Assembly on additional Emergency Declarations filed by the Governor.

The legislation, HB5776, requires the General Assembly to pass a House resolution within five calendar days to approve the extension of the Governor’s emergency declaration, or additional proclamations. 

“We need to preserve checks and balances of power,” said Morrison. “A governor shouldn’t be able to make unilateral decisions for as long as desired. As lawmakers, we are elected to represent the people, local governments, institutions, and businesses of our districts. We need to be back in Springfield as a co-equal branch of state government to weigh in on these decisions that are so gravely affecting the lives and livelihoods in our communities.”

The Governor’s latest emergency proclamation that extended the Stay at Home order was his third since the coronavirus pandemic was announced in March.  

Under the parameters of the bill, if for health or safety concerns the General Assembly could not convene in Springfield, the extension of emergency declarations could continue until the legislative session is able to convene.  Lawmakers haven’t been in session since March 5, but the power to re-convene lies with the Democratic leaders. 

Morrison filed HB5776 today.  If approved, it would be effective immediately.  The status of the bill can be found here: