Morrison Calls for Real Property Tax Relief

CHICAGO—State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) participated in a press conference this morning to discuss the Property Tax Relief Task Force and its failure to produce meaningful change.

Representative Morrison was one of 88 members on the bipartisan bicameral task force created through SB1932.  The group was tasked with submitting a final report to the General Assembly with short and long term solutions on how to best provide property tax relief to Illinois residents.  A drafted report that failed to include any Republican recommendations has been issued, but a final report has yet to be filed—passing the deadline date of December 31st.

Today, Rep. Morrison stood alongside his colleagues in the House Republican Caucus to express their unified call for serious property tax reform.

“Bringing property tax relief to Illinois residents has always been a serious issue, but now it’s more critical than ever,” said Morrison, who cited the IRS’ latest report showing high outmigration from Illinois and other high tax states to lower tax states.

The data found that more than 56,000 Illinoisans left the state in 2019 alone.  In comparison to Illinois’ neighboring states, in the last decade, more people moved out of Illinois than any other state.

“Property taxes are a huge burden, and it’s clear that our residents are saying ‘enough is enough.’ Instead of working to give our residents the relief they so desperately need, the task force produced a flawed, one-sided report that will do nothing to help our state.  High property taxes are a top issue for my constituents in suburban Cook County, and I am committed to finding real relief.”

House Republicans will maintain the push for real reform when legislative session resumes in the House of Representatives on January 28th.