Morrison Opposes Reckless Abortion Legislation

SPRINGFIELD—Today the Illinois House of Representatives passed a 126-page abortion expansion bill after a lengthy debate and bipartisan opposition. SB25 would eliminate reasonable regulations on abortions throughout pregnancy, on abortion staff and abortion clinics. It makes abortion a fundamental right and removes state statutes that recognize the individual rights of the unborn, even if those children could survive outside the womb.

State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) voted against SB25 and released the following statement:

“This is an extreme and reckless piece of legislation. The bill’s sponsors, along with Governor Pritzker, set out to make Illinois a leader in abortion access as if it’s any other kind of medical procedure. But ultrasound images, common sense, and the testimonies of citizens deeply affected by abortion prove beyond a doubt that abortion takes the life of a distinct unborn child.  The bill broadens the terms of ‘fetal viability’ and ‘familial health,’ which will inevitably lead to greater numbers of abortions, for any reason or no reason, throughout pregnancy. Private health plans will now be required to provide abortions under the expanded rules, as will Illinois taxpayers.

Furthermore, the rushed and secretive process by which this bill was advanced by Democrats demonstrates a grave lack of honesty and respect. The bill was called for a committee vote with just an hour’s notice on the Sunday night of a holiday weekend, giving medical and legal experts inadequate time to read the bill’s final text or travel to Springfield to testify against it.  Concerned citizens, too, who, by the tens of thousands had written, called, or traveled to the Capitol earlier this spring to oppose the basic text of the bill, were left out of the democratic process.

The proponents fail to recognize the harm they have done today in and for our state.”