Morrison Votes No on Income Tax Hike

SPRINGFIELD—State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) voted against the graduated income tax proposal today in the House of Representatives when it was presented for debate and a vote. SJRCA1 would remove the flat income tax guarantee from the Illinois Constitution and allow for varying tax rates on Illinois residents based on income levels.

Rep. Morrison believes that Democratic leaders do not have the trust of the general public to refrain from creating new programs while the state is already underwater on existing programs or financial commitments.  

During today’s debate, Rep. Morrison urged the body to do the work of spending reforms rather than simply making it easier to raise Illinois taxes yet again.  “We are all supposed to represent our districts to the best of our ability,” said Morrison. “What our side of the aisle is trying to stress… is that we aren’t going to see a fair debate because of the numbers cited by the other side. When people leave our state, that is tax revenue lost. The state has to make up that revenue with all the other residents and businesses that remain. That’s not fair, and that’s the concern I hear in my district.

With no guarantees in this proposal that the tax rates will remain the same, the sky is the limit on where taxes will go. It will be easier to raise taxes on middle income families, and that’s just wrong.”

Morrison sponsored HJRCA34 earlier this month which would raise the threshold lawmakers would have to meet to raise taxes, but the legislation was kept in the House Rules Committee.