Morrison Files Amendment to Protect Taxpayers From Future Tax Increases

SPRINGFIELD— State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) filed a new amendment today requiring a supermajority vote in the House on any future income tax increase proposals. HJRCA 34 will require two-thirds approval from lawmakers in order to move forward. 

“I filed this amendment to do right by Illinois taxpayers,” said Rep. Morrison.  “This legislation is a necessary safeguard that it will be harder to raise additional taxes or increase the existing ones. We cannot continue allowing unchecked tax increases to pass through the General Assembly, and this step will provide the protections our taxpayers deserve.”

Rep. Morrison has been a staunch opponent of Governor J.B. Pritzker’s push for a graduated income tax and seeks to protect Illinois businesses and the middle class. While a supermajority vote is needed to actually change the constitution for a graduated tax structure, only a simple majority is currently required to once again increase taxes on Illinois families and businesses.  

The Democrats have already changed their rates since their initial proposal, and Rep. Morrison believes that they will continue to raise taxes to feed their agendas of increased spending.

Rep. Morrison’s amendment was filed today and already has 29 co-sponsors.