Morrison Appointed Spokesperson for Two House Committees

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) announces his committee assignments for the 101st General Assembly.

Representative Morrison was named the Republican Spokesperson for two key House Committees: Appropriations-General Services, and Elementary and Secondary Education: Administration, License and Charter School.

Morrison has spent three terms serving on the Appropriations—General Services Committee and is eager to return this year as the Caucus’ Spokesperson.

“I am looking forward to continuing my leadership role in Appropriations—General Services,” said Morrison. “I am ready to work with my colleagues to review critical areas of state spending. With Illinois’ fiscal condition becoming an even bigger problem every year, our committee will have an important work load to help get our budget back on track.”

Representative Morrison will be returning as the Republican Spokesperson for the committee that handles charter schools. As a former educator, the Representative is excited to accept a leadership role on the Elementary and Secondary Education: Administration, License and Charter School Committee. “Ensuring all Illinois residents have access to quality education is essential to our long term success as a state. I look forward to leading meaningful discussions to help make this a reality,” said Morrison.

Morrison is also assigned to the Personnel and Pensions, Insurance, Energy and Environment, and Human Services Committees.