Preparing for Cold Temperatures, Winter Weather

With temperatures reaching record lows in Illinois, it is important to take winter weather warnings seriously. The extreme cold weather is incredibly dangerous, and can be life threatening. Those particularly at risk include older adults, young children and sick individuals.

Such frigid conditions can cause risk of frostbite and hypothermia, and significantly increases the risk of frozen water pipes, stalled cars, and malfunctioning furnaces. The Illinois State Police released the following reminders for Illinois’ residents to keep in mind as extreme cold temperatures begin to set in:

· Avoid time outdoors

· Cover exposed skin

· Know the signs of frostbite and hypothermia

· Bring pets indoors

· Fill fuel tanks to at least a half tanks of gas

· Do not let children play outside

· If you become stranded do not walk away from your vehicle

· Carry a flashlight, first aid kit, snow shovel, ice scraper, blanket/sleeping bag, non-perishable good, bottled water, booster cable, extra clothing, sand/kitty litter, cell phone, cell phone charger and flares in vehicles when traveling

· Inform someone of travel plans before going out

Illinois’ Emergency Management Agency also produced a Winter Preparedness Guide with important information to help you and your family stay safe during winter weather. The Guide includes information about winter travel, preparing for extreme cold and winter storms, and more.

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