Morrison Backing Property Tax Reform Effort for Cook County

PALATINE…State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) recently filed legislation to ensure fair distribution of resources to help improve the property tax appeal process in Cook County.

Representative Morrison’s legislative district encompasses suburban Cook County where property taxes continue to be a contentious issue. “Due to the nature of the system, it continually places a heavy burden on taxpayers here. There is no question that Cook County’s property tax system needs total reform,” said Morrison.

Morrison’s HB354 addresses the distribution and management of the resources given to the Cook County Board of Review, which is tasked with processing property tax appeals for the County. His bill, which has bipartisan support, calls for the County’s Board of Review Commissioners to all equitably receive resources and staff.

The defects in Illinois’ property tax system have become exceptionally clear in Cook County, where more than 25% of all property index numbers were appealed in the 2018 assessment year. Due to the record number of appeals filed this year, the Cook County Board of Review hired additional employees. Two of the three commissioners on the Board of Review received all but one of these new hires.

“It’s time to address the smaller problems that play into the larger corrupt system,” said Morrison. “Instead of continuing to talk about how broken the system is, let’s solve one problem at a time. In order to be productive, the amount of resources and staff should be fairly distributed and not favor certain commissioners.”

The bill is awaiting further consideration in the House of Representatives.