Morrison Votes Against Tax Hike

Today in Springfield, members of the House of Representatives approved revenue and spending packages that aim to end the budget impasse. SB06 (spending) was approved by a 81-34 vote and SB 09 (revenue) by a 72-45 vote. In response to the action on the House Floor today, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine), who voted against both bills, has issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed that negations did not continue because the bills brought to the floor of the House today were not the result of true give-and-take. By approving a large tax increase without fundamentally reforming Illinois policies that are driving businesses and taxpayers out of the state, we are not moving our state forward.”

“Illinois has the worst combined tax burden in the United States, yet rather that providing Illinoisans with real relief, today lawmakers chose to deepen that tax burden. Every one of us knows a family or a business that has moved out of this state because they could simply no longer afford to live or operate a business here. My constituents are desperate for tax relief, but today’s votes will only add to the outmigration of residents and businesses from our state.”