Morrison Bill to Ease Transportation Plan Reporting Requirements Receives Unanimous House Support

A bill sponsored by State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) that provides municipalities with greater flexibility in their transportation plan reporting requirements sailed through the Illinois House in a unanimous vote on Wednesday.

HB 2363 seeks to eliminate a current burdensome mandate that requires municipalities to develop and keep up-to-date 20-year long-range highway transportation plans. The language included in HB 2363 would significantly reduce the number of years that must be included in municipal transportation plans.

“Currently IDOT requires municipalities with more than 5,000 residents to do a 20-year transportation study on their major thoroughfares, and in my conversations with public officials back home, they feel the current law is not practical. I have been told by officials from several municipalities that they only do the plans because they are required by law,” said Morrison. “It would be much more practical to require more of a five-year study. Most of the municipalities are already keeping five-year transportation plans up-to-date, and I believe that the data included in these five-year transportation plans is more than adequate for purposes of planning for the utilization of motor fuel tax dollars.”

According to Morrison, the need for the bill was brought to him by officials from the Village of Palatine. “In this era where we continually ask our local units of government to do more with less, I am pleased to help advance legislation that actually eases reporting mandates,” Morrison said.

HB 2363 now moves to the Illinois Senate for consideration.