Rep. Morrison on Unsuccessful SB 2043 Veto Override: We Cannot Provide Students who Rely on MAP Grants with False Hope

Today an attempt in the Illinois House to override Governor Rauner’s veto of SB 2043 failed in a 69-48-1 vote. Seventy-one votes were needed for a successful override. The bill was vetoed last month because it promised state funding for community colleges and MAP grants but did not include a revenue source to pay for them. If approved, $721 million in additional debt would have been added to the state’s stack of unpaid bills. After the vote, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) issued the following statement:

“Several Representatives said today that MAP grants are very important, but as one of my colleagues stated, “math is also important.” The math, as it relates to this bill, simply doesn’t add up. If this veto override had been successful, students who rely on MAP grants would have been given false hope, because the plain fact is that this bill promised grants but did not allocate money to fund them.”

“What we need is a real balanced budget with spending on one side and appropriations on the other. We also need to address the reasons why the costs of higher education are climbing so rapidly. In addition to the unfunded mandates we place on them, until very recently our universities and colleges have had little financial incentive to control their spending, so tuition and fee costs have been spiraling upward and out of control.”