Secretary of State Suspends Mailing of Vehicle Registration Renewal Notices; Moving to Email Notifications will Save Illinois $450,000 Per Month

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has announced that his office will immediately suspend mailing out vehicle registration renewal reminders to the public due to the lack of a state budget. Those who want to continue receiving a reminder must sign up to receive an electronic notice through the Secretary of State’s web site A direct link to sign up for an email alert for vehicle sticker renewals can be found on the home page of that site.

When making the announcement, White noted that suspending this service will save approximately $450,000 per month. I applaud Secretary White for identifying this opportunity for $5.4 million per year in savings and hope that the decision to no longer mail out these notices becomes a permanent change.

I would encourage all residents to sign up for the free email notification regarding vehicle registration renewal notices. The email will include a pin number needed to renew stickers on-line. If you choose not to avail yourself to this email notification system, you will need to be mindful of the renewal date for renewing your vehicle stickers, and renew them in person at a Secretary of State office.