Rep. Morrison Urges Approval of Stop Gap Federal Funding Measure with No Amendments

Today in Chicago, a joint meeting of the Appropriations-General Services and Appropriations-Human Services committees was held to discuss SB2042, a measure that would allow nearly $5 billion in federal funds to flow to Illinois agencies that provide critical human services, child services, public health services and student assistance during the budget impasse. The bill would not allocate any State dollars. The bill, which passed unanimously out of the Senate on August 4, immediately moved to the House for consideration.

As Minority Spokesperson for the House Appropriations-General Services Committee, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) urged his committee colleagues during the 3 1/2-hour meeting to advance and approve the bill as it passed out of the Senate with no amendments.

“We have an agreed-upon bill that passed out of the Senate with unanimous, bipartisan support,” said Morrison. “It is the minority party’s position that we should approve the original bill as it came to us from the Senate and perhaps consider the other agencies that would like to be added in a separate piece of legislation.”

An amendment that would add additional agencies and also include up to $600 million in State General Revenue Fund money is expected to be presented later today.