Rep. Morrison Releases Statement on Democrat Decision to Treat Property Tax Relief as a Game

House Republicans have worked for years to provide Illinoisans with much-needed property tax relief, and in most instances those bills have been blocked from advancing to the House floor. In response to the House Democrats’ effort Friday to use the issue of property tax relief in their latest round of political theatre, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) has issued the following statement:

“Throughout my tenure in the House, I have been a vocal advocate for the property taxpayers in the 54th legislative district. I have spoken with elected officials and administrators from every level of local government and shared my opinion that they need to control costs so that additional tax burdens are not passed on to home and business owners. So to see the majority party treat the serious issue of property tax relief as a game was very disappointing.”

“I am a Chief Co-Sponsor of a comprehensive piece of legislation that would provide taxpayers with real tax relief. HB136 would freeze tax rates during times of declining property values and utilize a three-year average metric for determining when the freeze would be lifted. This is a fair solution, yet when Democrats had an opportunity today to release that bill for consideration and debate, they blocked it.”

“I always encourage my constituents to get to know their elected officials so they can let them know how increases in tax rates affect them personally. This is especially true for elementary, high school and community college districts, whose taxes comprise the majority of peoples’ tax bills. I will encourage them to continue doing this, because today’s actions by the majority party in Springfield made it very clear that they are not sincere about providing tax relief.”