Rep. Morrison Responds to Rauner Budget Address

In response to Governor Bruce Rauner’s Wednesday Budget Address, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) has issued the following statement:   “I applaud the Governor for presenting a balanced budget plan that protects essential government services without increasing taxes. While we have some difficult decisions ahead of us, this budget reduces spending, eliminates our structural deficit, and puts Illinois on a path toward financial stability.”  

“The specifics of his plan seemed harsh to some, but they should not have come as a surprise.  We knew for four years that there was going to be a revenue drop-off when the temporary income tax expired.  Rather than proactively preparing for this day, the irresponsible spending—on many wants instead of needs—continued.   

Those bad decisions only intensify the tough days ahead as we rectify years and years of overspending.”   “Our Governor has surrounded himself with a top-notch team of experts who have proven records of success in both the public and private sectors. In the months ahead I look forward to seeing budgetary efficiencies worked into the mix so that the turnaround plan does not rely solely upon budget cuts.  

“I appreciate that the Governor is addressing our pension crisis rather than waiting for the courts to rule on the issue. His proposal appears to meet constitutional muster by seeking to preserve benefits earned to date and alter them only for future work.  I look forward to working with him on this critical area of reform so that government workers and taxpayers as a whole have greater certainty about the future in Illinois.”