Rep. Morrison to Serve as Republican Spokesman of Three Influential House Committees

A strong advocate for pension reform in Illinois, State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) has been selected to serve as the Republican Spokesman for the House Personnel & Pensions Committee.
“Real pension reform is an absolute must for our state – for those in the system and the taxpayers who subsidize it,” said Morrison. “I am looking forward to being our caucus’ leading voice as future pension bills move through this committee over the next two years.”
In addition to the Personnel & Pensions Committee, Morrison will also be the Republican Spokesman for the Appropriations- General Services Committee and the new Special Committee on Renewable Energy & Sustainability.  The General Services Committee oversees and approves the administrative budgets for each state agency, the constitutional officers, and the Illinois Supreme Court.  The Renewable Energy & Sustainability Committee is a special committee, which means it meets less often than standing committees.
Morrison will also be serving as a member of the Environment and State Government Administration Committees.