New Laws Will Effect Military/Veterans in 2015

In 2014, the General Assembly approved several bills to assist our veterans, the military, and their families. Those bills were signed into law and include:

PA 98-0879 (SB 3255) Eases requirements for disabled veteran parking placards
This law removes a requirement that a disabled parking placard or decal which has been issued to a veteran must be renewed every four years. The new law states that once a disabled parking placard or decal has been issued to a veteran who has been permanently disabled, that veteran does not have to keep coming back to the Secretary of State’s office for a renewal every four years.

PA 98-0960 (SB 3225) Veterans awareness training for law enforcement officers 
The law provides that the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board may conduct or approve a training program in veterans’ awareness for law enforcement officers of local government agencies. It further provides that the purpose of the program shall be to identify issues relating to veterans and to provide guidelines for appropriate responses to such issues. Each local government agency is encouraged to designate an individual to respond to veterans’ issues.

PA 98-0869 (HB 5475) Gold Star specialty license plates
Surviving sons and daughters of military Gold Star recipients are now included among those who may be issued Gold Star specialty license plates by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. Those already eligible for the plates are surviving widows/widowers, siblings and parents.

PA 98-0902 (HB 4491) Purple Heart license plate fee waiver 
To honor those who have served in the military and earned the Purple Heart, Illinois will now waive the payment of any registration or registration renewal fee for an individual issued a Purple Heart license plate. The law will also allow individuals who have been issued the Purple Heart license plate and qualify under the Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Relief Act to obtain a plate for an additional vehicle for a $24 registration fee.